Obergfell v. Hodges

The symposium in First Things is worth reading. Once again I was taken by the comments of רבי מורי Rabbi Shalom Carmy which offer a different and more refreshing angle than anything else I’ve read on the topic. I’ll copy and paste his response below so that you don’t have to read through the article in First Things. My take- Continue reading


Inside Out

I saw Inside Out the other day. I’m with all of the critics- it’s great. A.O Scott’s review is terrific as usual. Joe Morgenstern too. I only wish they would have had more scenes inside the heads of more characters. The movie made a case for sadness finding its place alongside joy. Pixar often has serious themes animating its films: elitism versus egalitarianism in the Incredibles, family versus individual and the purpose of art in Ratatouille, but Inside Out makes us think about the religious experience. Continue reading

My Annotated Graduation Speech to the WYHS Class of 2015

Graduation tonight was really terrific. I really love having different teachers speak about each graduate. It’s great for the individual students and it’s great for staff. Below is the speech I delivered. The text of my remarks is in black. My comments on on my remarks are in red. Thank you to my colleague Mrs. Amy Horowitz for helping me edit my remarks.

Preserving Revolution

Dear Graduates, Continue reading